High Speed Internet

No Slow Speeds, No Data Caps, Always Available

Michiana Wireless's high speed internet is always on and available to you without the bothersome worry of going over your data plans capacity. We bring the Internet to you with no dialing, no hassles, no bundles and no hidden fees.

  • Unlimited Internet
  • No usage fees
  • Simple Billing
  • Always on
  • Enjoy high speed Internet
  • Free local customer support

What to Expect?


Easy Setup

Our trained technicians will come to your location and install the necessary equipment to make the high speed connection to the Internet and test the connection to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction.


Constant Monitoring

Michiana Wireless constantly monitors its network to ensure the highest quality in service and is ready to restore network operations at a moments notice.


Superior Local Support

Local support means talking to customer representitives that know your neighborhood. Our support staff can understand your problems and they are ready to respond appropriately because they are familiar with your local area.


Outstanding Network

Our network has the backing of over 10Gig's of network bandwidth with carriers like Level3, Cogent, Internap and more, your Internet experience is sure to have the highest speed and quality.