This is an email to let everyone know that we have had a new Anti Spam System in place for a few weeks now.
You should have seen a drastic reduction of spam since then. The new system has blocked over 100,000 spam emails so far.
If you do by chance still receive a spam message that was not blocked by the system you can simply forward the spam
message to and that spam sender will be added to the block list.

Also if you believe you are not receiving messages from someone or a business that you want to receive messages
from is being blocked by our system, send an email to and we make sure that they are
no longer blocked by our system.

If you have any other email issues feel free to email, or call 574-233-7170 ext 102


Thank You,
Mike Hickey
Office: 574-233-7170 ext 102

Friday, May 29, 2015

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