Configuring Zimbra Mobile with Windows SmartPhones Devices

Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 5

The following instructions are for configuring access to a ZCS account on a Windows Mobile 6 or Windows Mobile 5 device.

Note: Some users may experience configuration difficulty if using SSL with Windows Mobile 5. Windows Mobile 5 includes a limited number of root certificates and it may be necessary to install your server’s signing CA’s certificate on the device in order to use SSL.

Note: Zimbra Mobile must be enabled by a system administrator before a device can be configured.

  1. Select Start.
  2. Select ActiveSync.
  3. Choose to configure a new account:
    a. If no account is configured for ActiveSync, select the option to "Set up your device to sync with it" [the server].
    b.If you are replacing a pre-existing account, select Menu and then select "Configure Server".
  4. In the box for "Server address:", enter the publicly accessible hostname of the server (
  5. If the server requires SSL (that is, if the server's zimbraMailMode is "redirect", "https" or "mixed"), check the box for "This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection". Note that Windows Mobile enforces strict verification of server certificates; if your zimbra server has the default self-signed certificate, you will not be able to use Zimbra Mobile unless you import the root certificate from the server into the device. See the link to the SSLChainSaver utility below.
  6. Select Next.
  7. In the "User name:" box, enter the username part of the email address ("bob" of "").
  8. In the "Password:" box, enter the password of the user ('s password).
  9. In the "Domain:" box, enter the domain part of the email address ("" of "").
  10. Check the "Save password" box.
  11. Select Next.
  12. Check the boxes for any combination of Contacts, Calendar, and E-mail. As of ZCS 4.5.6, Tasks do not sync through Zimbra Mobile; selecting Tasks will cause the device to not sync properly with the server.
  13. Select Finish.

The device is now configured. Select Sync to synchronize the selected items with the server.

Windows Mobile 2003

The following instructions are for configuring access to a ZCS account on a Windows Mobile 2003 device.

  1. Connect the device to your Windows PC.
  2. Open ActiveSync if it is not already running.
  3. Go to the Tools Menu > Configure Server Source.
  4. Put the FQDN of your Zimbra Server in the server source box.
  5. Put a check next to “this server requires a encrypted (SSL) connection” (if appropriate).
  6. Enter the full email address of the user as the username.
  7. Enter their password.
  8. Enter their mail domain as the domain name.
  9. Put a check next to save password (as desired).

The device is now configured. You must now import a certificate from the Zimbra Server to your mobile device in order for it to sync, or you will get an error about an invalid cert.

To import the SSL cert into the mobile device, use the following steps.

  1. Go to /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/ca directory and copy your ca.pem file to a safe location. (Make sure this is the new certificate that you have created)
  2. Run this command on the file you copied
    $ openssl x509 -in ca.pem -inform PEM -out MyCertificatecrtcer -outform DER
  3. Copy the new MyCertificatecrt.cer file to your Windows Mobile device.
  4. Use your Windows Mobile device's File Manager to click on the MyCertificate.crt.cer file, you should receive a message that it was imported.
  5. Enable SSL in ActiveSync on your device.
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